Welcome on my website and thank you for your interest in my work!


My name is Denise and I live in Switzerland.

I love cats and motorcycles. My ride is a Yamaha FZR and my beloved cat Lucky is watching over me from heaven now. I know this because anytime I'm out buying groceries, I feel a pull towards the cat food section.

Photography and music are my passions. I have a Pentax K-10 on which I usually use a 50 and a 100 mm lens with wide apertures – perfect for taking pictures at concerts. If asked what my favourite music is, I simply can't find an answer. I grew up with country music, but I also enjoy rock, heavy metal, singer/songwriter, folk, etc. Sometimes I need the music LOUD and sometimes it can't be soft enough.

Sometimes I challenge my patience – which is almost perfectly made for 1/125 second – and capture some light with the video camera.

While perfection is a very fascinating thing, it's always been the edges and cuts that caught my attention.

Life is too short for Sunday cloths!

So please take a look at my portfolio and enjoy your stay!